Blueberry Farm In Colquitt County, GA


Sanders & Sons Blueberry Farm is an established blueberry operation perfect for the new grower or an existing grower looking to expand his operation. The farm has 70 acres of rabbiteye blueberries with drip irrigation and 15 acres of 3-year-old highbush blueberries with drip and overhead frost protection. All the blueberry land has drain tile installed. The balance of the farm has 36 acres of fallow land, timber, and creek frontage. The property improvements include a 50 x 50 cooled packing shed with two loading docks, a 12×14 mobile home, a 1000 sq ft farmhouse for storage, and a chemical shed.  The irrigation wells include a 12 inch well with 200 hp turbine (pumps 1500 gpm), 8 inch well with 60 hp submersible with 40 hp booster (750 gpm), 6 inch well with 40 hp submersible (250 gmp), 4 inch with 10 hp submersible. The injection system has 2 Anderson fertilizer injectors, 2 3000-gallon fertilizer tanks, and 1 1500-gallon acid tank. The farm equipment includes 2 BEI blueberry harvesters, 2 Jacto 110-gallon air-blast sprayers, 1 Jacto 110-gallon cannon sprayer, 2 dry box storage trailers, 1 Lanco bark spreader, 1 6 ft fail chopper. 1 Vicon fertilizer spreader, 1 John Deere pumping unit, various mowers, plows, and trucks. Grading equipment includes EWS scales, 2 BEI incline belts with cleaning blowers, 2 BEI 15ft inspection tables, 2 BEI transfer conveyors, 2 air compressors, 1 A&B transfer belt, 2 BEI lazy susan turntables, 1 Ponis fill by weight machine, Lenovo computer, and various printers. A complete list of plants by age and equipment list available upon request. An adjacent 10-acre farm with high bush blueberries with drip and overhead frost protection is available for lease.

Price: 900000
Address:1019 D H Alderman Rd
Zip Code:31768

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